10 Brenneke Emerald 12

10 Brenneke Emerald 12

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MODEL Brenneke Emerald
HEIGHT 41 mm
TYPE Slug with self-adjusting projections and Plastic wad.
WEIGHT Total weight of about 34,1 grams
DIAMETER mm 18,5
V/0 With Pmax of 740 bars it can be pushed at a speed V/0=430 m./sec
E/0 E/0 (starting kinetic energy: half of the mass x square of speed) of about 321 Kgm. (kilogram-metres).
SUGGESTIONS Round edge. The tip of the ogive must remain some milimeter under the edge of the cartridge.

It i designed to be fired even from choked and rifled. It acts like an under-gauged.

Itís not surprising the Heavy Field Short Magnum is one of our most popular hunting slugs. It is power personified,with
muzzle energy greater than many centerfire cartridges. Youíll send a full 31,4g. slug whistling toward your target, carrying
massive knockdown power and penetration to anything it touches.
In a recent independent test, the Brennekeģ Emerald surpassed competitive slugs from Hornady,
Lightfield, Remington, Winchester and Wolf from a minimum of 15% to a whopping 67%. At 90 m, its accuracy (five-shot
groups) was superior to all but one (7.5 cm to 5.4 cm).
The bottom line? You canít find a better combination of power and accuracy. Itís been that way for over 100 years.

Ballistic Data
Emerald 12/70 (31,5 g / 490 grs)
distance (m) velocity (m/s) energy (J) flight path (cm*)
0 450 3.441 -5,0
25 400 2.711 +1
45 358 2.177 +3.8
70 327 1.825 +2.5
90 305 1.586 -3.6
For all types of shotgun barrels with or without choke.

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