10 Brenneke Classic 16 Gauge

10 Brenneke Classic 16 Gauge

7.40 EUR

MODEL Brenneke Classic
HEIGHT 30,5 mm
TYPE Slug with self-adjusting projections and Felt wad.
WEIGHT Total weight of about 27 grams
SUGGESTIONS Round edge. The tip of the ogive must remain some milimeter under the edge of the cartridge.

It is designed to be fired even from choked and rifled. It acts like an under-gauged.

The Classic is an ultra-modern round. Over many years of development, the Classic slug has been refined to perfection. It ensures a flat trajectory, very good accuracy and impressive energy. For the hunter, this means wide number of applications, massive stopping power and more success. This applies equally for driven hunting, deer-stalking and tracking.

The advantages

* high precision: 5 cm group with 5 shots at 50 m
* outstanding knockdown power
* deep penetration and exit wound
* suitable for all types of hunting
* can be used in all shotguns, with and without choke
* Classic, can be used universally up to 50

Ballistic Data
Classic 16/70 (27 g / 415 grs)
distance (m) velocity (m/s) energy (J) flight path (cm*)
0 415 2.325 -2,0
25 360 1.746 +3,1
50 322 1.397 +3,5
75 296 1.185 -1,9
100 277 1.037 -14,2

For all types of shotgun barrels with or without choke.

* Without optical

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