10 Brenneke Silver .410 Ga.

10 Brenneke Silver .410 Ga.

€ 5.90 EUR

Gauge .410
Mark Brenneke
Model Silver
Total height 27 mm
Type Slug with self-adjusting projections and Plastic wad.
Wight 7,4 mm
Diameter 15,4 mm
Note One of the best slug for .410 GA

Who says a .410 is just for birdshot? Our .410 slug packs a whole lot of power in a small package, adding a whole new dimension to this popular shotgun. An Original Brenneke® Silver Slug in a true three-inch load provides a flat trajectory, excellent penetration and smooth function with semiautomatic shotguns.
You’ll enjoy groups that rival many .22s for accuracy, but vastly more power that will easily take down game up to coyote size.
Pack a couple of boxes whenever you carry your .410 in case you run across some four-legged quarry, or just enjoy killing tin cans and targets with this timeless gauge. It’s also a terrific way to
introduce a youngster to shotshells and target shooting both with the same firearm.

Ballistic data
Brennele Silver .410/76 (7 g / 111 grs)
distance (m) velocity (m/s) energy (J) flight path (cm*)
0 450 2.379 -5,0
22 402 700 +5,0
45 360 472 +3,.6
70 322 360 +2.5
90 310 300 -3.6

NOTE: Five-shots at 45m in circle of 5 cm. Optimum range sighting in 80m

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