10 STEEL Gualbo 12 GA

10 STEEL Gualbo 12 GA

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MODEL Steel Gualbo
HEIGHT Only 49 mm, in the process of hemming is self-regulating.
TYPE Borra launch container with fractures predisposed host the Bullet
WEIGHT Total weight of about gr. About 31.5.
DIAMETER mm 18,3
As for the wad bullet lead, use a coil hemmer with internal plate. Before hemming the cartridge, press the ball inside the cartridge case so that the dust has settled in perfectly couvette, the elastic structure of the wad in fact allows the return of Gualbo® Steel in the ideal conditions for hemming.
The height of the finished cartridge can vary from 62.5 mm to 64 mm depending on the volume of the powder used, however, always checking that the upper tip of the ball does not protrude dell'orlatura of the cartridge.

GUALBO® STEEL is the wad projectile in 12 gauge steel ball expansion, developed for alongside the classic bullet Gualandi wad 32 g lead in expanding our product offering to the hunting of ungulates using a non-toxic material. Ideal to adapt to new trends without sacrificing the quality of a wad bullet Gualandi®.

The bullet sottocalibrato, made entirely of steel, has been studied in order to offer an immediate expansion upon impact thanks to the particular shape precut;

the center pin ensures greater stability and precision, both in trajectory that upon impact against the ungulate, while also helping to achieve a rapid opening of the petals front in order to maximize the impact with the animal and obtaining a cavity and one hydrodynamic shock above average.

Furthermore, the front petals are studied so as to detach from the central body of the projectile once penetrated the tissues by about 10 cm in order to maximize the final damage.

For the plastic body of Gualbo® Steel has developed a special variant of the container of the ball "Gualbo" ®, it comes as the lead version of side wings that enclose the steel ball and are detached from the main body immediately after leakage from gun barrels in freeing the projectile trajectory locked to the wad of fletching. Such a container, in addition to ensuring the equilibrium and the precision in the trajectory of the Gualbo® Steel, has the important function of protecting the reeds by the rubbing of the projectile steel guaranteeing their integrity and allowing the use of over the reeds also cylindrical rods of any bottleneck through auto sizing on the way into the gun. In wad also is the classic shock Gualandi allowing self adjustment Gualbo® Steel during the closing of the cartridge and that absorbs water hammer during shooting to the benefit of the hunter.

Ballistic results with 1.90 grams of powder (Tecna N)

Pressure media:
704 bar
Average speed V0
(Exit the muzzle):
474 meters per second

Results ballistic with 2.15 grams of powder (Tecna N) - Cartridge with high performance

Medium pressure: 885 bar
Average speed V0
(Exit the muzzle):
513 meters per second

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