50 x Prvi Partizan SP Grom .30 (.308 -170GR)

50 x Prvi Partizan SP Grom .30 (.308 -170GR)

13.40 EUR

the GROM (which is Serbian for thunder) fills the middle ground between conventional hunting bullets and premium bullets. It is a soft nosed bullet with a slim lead core. On impact, the lead deforms easily allowing the thick copper jacket to split evenly into petals. This allows excellent expansion with near perfect weight retention. Because of the softer lead core, the bullets expand as well on light skinned animals such as deer as they do on thicker skinned animals such as boar. As with premium bullets, GROM bullets are classed as 'expanding' and as such are restricted and can only be purchased if your FAC specifically states hunting or varmint shooting. GROM bullet velocity varies enormously but 2,000-3,000 feet per second is a fair figure (Mach 1.8-2.8).
GAUGE 30 (.308)
MARK Prvi Partizan

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