10 Brenneke Magnum Green Light 20 Ga

10 Brenneke Magnum Green Light 20 Ga

8.05 EUR

GAUGE 20 Magnum
MODEL Brenneke Green Light
TYPE Slug with self-adjusting projections and Plastic wad for barrel smooth and rifled
WEIGHT 28.4g

The SuperMagnum combines the advantages of a classic slug with modern materials. It is an impressive piece of equipment with its specially alloyed lead head, which provides maximum penetrating power as a result of its hardness.

The rear portion guarantees optimal gas pressure distribution and perfect external ballistics. Maximum ballistic performance with very good precision and outstanding power is the result.

The advantages

  • high precision: 5 cm group with 5 shots at 50 m
  • outstanding knockdown power
  • deep penetration and exit wound
  • suitable for all types of hunting
  • can be used in all shotguns, with and without choke
  • Super Magnum can be used universally up to 75

Ballistic Data
Green Light Magnum 20/76 (28,4 g / 440 grs)
distance (m) velocity (m/s) energy (J) flight path (cm*)
0 450 2874 -2,0
25 399 2261 +3,6
50 357 1810 +5,3
75 326 1509 -2,2
100 304 1312 -6,7
*using open sights
For all types of shotgun barrels with or without choke.

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