10 Brenneke K.O. Clean Speed 12

10 Brenneke K.O. Clean Speed 12
[a1257-Cal 12]

4.60 EUR

MODEL Brenneke K.O. Clean Speed
HEIGHT 37 mm
TYPE Slug with self-adjusting projections and Plastic wad with substrate cleaning..
WEIGHT Total weight of about 28,4 grams
DIAMETER mm 18,6
SUGGESTIONS Round edge. The tip of the ogive must remain some milimeter under the edge of the cartridge.

It is designed to be fired even from choked and rifled. It acts like an under-gauged.

The K.O. CleanSpeed rounds, with more than 30 German championship titles and the Vice-European championship 2006, has proved its sporting suitability impressively. It provides high precision, low recoil*, and is suitable for pump action and semi automatic shotguns. In addition, the CleanSpeed coating reduces lead fouling of the barrel by 99.83 % (according to TV expert reports). This improves the precision of the weapon and greatly reduces cleaning time as well as the risk to health caused by the lead.

Ballistic Data
K.O. Clean Speed 12/70 (28,4 g / 437 grs)
distance (m) velocity (m/s) energy (J) flight path (cm*)
0 430 2.915 -5,0
25 340 2.105 +1
50 320 1.797 +2.6
75 307 1.604 +2.5
100 280 1370 -2.6

For all types of shotgun barrels, smooth and rifled, with or without choke.

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